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Welcome to Lorsang’s website

Your Trading Group

Created in 1984, Lorsang just celebrated its 30 year anniversary in Juin 2014. Entirely dedicated to exportation of construction products and specialized in finishing works (as Mr. Santurenne often says, “from construction machinery to furniture handles”), its employees are used to very specific demands. engin de tp bouton de meuble basic Lorsang’s activity area is in sub-Sahara Africa with two main spots : Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. Most of its suppliers (nearly 300) are in France or the European Union.

Our goal with this website is to show all our “savoir-faire” and knowledge of the areas where we export while being tuned to our clients, providing them the necessary security for their supply.

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Mentions légales : S.A.R.L. au capital de 7 622,45 € - SIRET N° 330 395 849 00079 - Code NAF 518M - Intracom. FR 43 330 395 849