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Purchases :

We have referenced over 300 manufacturers and wholesalers French or European, rigourosly selected for their reliability responding to any demand, their experience in construction from the first to the last touches of a building … But also in the field of public works. Our motto “from construction machinery to furniture handles” is not usurped … We really cover all that range.

We buy in very large quantities wich allows us to influence prices and thus to benefit our customers with very attractive offers usually reserved to the biggest consumers. Our multilingual team buys everywhere in Europe and most of that merchandise responds to the European standards, we sometimes derogate that rule that we have established only to offer products (negociated outside of the E.U) at even lower prices.

Our strength ! We do not impose any brand or product, we are your “external purchasing departement”. If you are looking for something special and precise, we will find it for you ! Let us search what you cannot find anywhere else, we love those “five-legged sheeps” ! This is how we have bought in the past for some of our customers things like : pedalos, casino equipement like slot machines, gaming tables with their chips and the croupier’s chair, we also have provided tennis and basket-ball courts, special coatings for gyms, hospitals and playgrounds; complet theater/concert room/conference room including the stage and lightning; a mini bowling center; health equipement for prison; parking lot accessories (stops, separations…) ; anti-intrusion herses and bounds for the Presidential Palace of Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) and so many other things …

You have a technical issue on a site and you don’t know what to do or what product to use … Contact us, our technical service can help you define the best option that will solve your problem.

Your need is outside of the norms, we won’t give up, a solution is still possible : we will find a manufacter that will take your special order, that way we have made possible the transportation of site personnel with some one of a kind trucks/buses suitable for the equatorial climate (without glasses) combining routing of equipement and personnel.


Our worry is not only to buy, we also track the routing of your merchandise until it arrives where you want it to

Timing :

We influence our suppliers to reduce to the maximum the delivery timing, for each order, we ensure they follow our instructions.

Packaging – conditioning :

We make sure every product get an adapted packing with its own etiquette. A forecast packing list starts as soon as you place your first order, you can therefore check where it is at anytime.

Technical documents :

We when needed attach to your order or send it to you via D.H.L the technical documents like maintenance manual, nomenclature of spare parts …

Expeditions :

Whether you need an aerial or sea shipment, we make sure the merchandise arrives at the decided place.

We can offer you,
Aerial shipment :

Just as a reminder, a 20’ container can be loaded with 25 to 30 m3 and up to 26 tonnes of merchandise, all depending of its nature.

We work with some well known forwarding agents who have gained our and our ling time customers trust over the years, we can also work the agent of your choice if that’s your desire.

We stock the merchandise in warehouses ( under customs if needed ) to optimise the expeditions, especially when your custom containers include a multitude of different suppliers.

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